I've always loved finding the best way to solve interesting problems. When I was little, it was math and Rubik's Cubes. Now that I'm older, I focus on creating well-defined APIs that are easy to use, maintain, and test (or anything in my favorite programming language Rust!).

My fascination with programming originated from playing video games as a kid and learning that it was all made possible by programs based on game engines. When I started my 6th grade year, I found out C++ was the basis for a lot of games and game engines so I picked up a book called "C++ for Dummies". I wrote several CLI applications using an IDE called CodeBlocks but had a really hard time making anything visual, so I picked up a Java textbook next to work off its javax library.

Over the next several years I learned HTML/CSS/JS, C#, and Python as well as some basic DevOps while managing a website for a local business. All of this culminated in getting an internship at a company called Rx Savings Solutions which had a wonderful vision of saving people money from predatory prescription medication pricing. In all my time learning in the previous 7 years, I feel like I learned twice that in my three-month internship.

For the next two years I worked at Rx Savings Solutions doing all manner of programming. From optimizing Redis Caches to running support rotations, I did it all. When I felt I had done all I could do in my role at Rx Savings Solutions, I decided to move on and try my hand at several different jobs with different responsibilities. I developed a deep understanding of JavaScript development at Active Logic Labs, I learned production Java and solution per customer architecture at Crescendo Collective, and learned how to effectively lead architecture discussions and consider cross-functional team needs and requirements at HomeBase.

Through my journey over the last several years I have learned a lot and honed my existing skills for writing efficient, maintainable, and testable code. Now, I am looking for my next opportunity in software development with a focus on web API or embedded system development at a company whose mission I can stand behind and make real change with.